Louisa Akaiso is the author of the book The Civilized Leader, Poetic Civility and a co-author of True Civility . She is an international civility expert and a women development advocate empowering leaders and corporations on civility, collaboration, and leadership.

Today as a civility expert, she is an International Master Trainer, certified by the International Civility Trainer Consortium (ICTC). Her speaker series, Civilized Presence reaches a global community of emerging civility leaders in over 20 countries. Louisa is also a certified international keynote speaker, trainer and personal/executive coach for the John C. Maxwell team.
As a women development advocate, she is the founder of Soyounique and Acceleration Blueprint initiatives focusing on civility, entrepreneurship, leadership development for women. Women in these programs become business leaders and agents of change in their communities.
Louisa Akaiso had received several awards for her work and impact. She was recently named the “Oprah of Civility” by iChangeNations. She is the first recipient of the Golden Rule Civility “Trailblazer Award” and gained the status of the Golden Rule Civility Statesman from the Golden Rule Civility Initiative based in Indiana, USA.