The Urgency of Civility

Striving For A Better Society

Working With Congress To Make Changes

The perception of a “Broken Congress” has made civility and bipartisanship a top priority for many in this Country. Urgency of Civility is working with Congress to influence change on Capital Hill. By inviting elected Senators to our Conference, we are discussing ways to improve our society. This partnership helps build the bridge from our community to the Capital.

2021 Virtual Conference Recap

This year’s 2-day virtual conference in May, brought together over 100 attendees along with elected officials, professors, strategists, authors, and renowned speakers.  

The intent was to provide action-oriented resources, facilitate connections and conversations around various public-civility goals and initiatives in order to better the social climate of today.

The conference consisted of four sessions over the course of two days. The conference included presentations as well as moderated panels between the speakers and the audience.

Attendees had the opportunity to discuss how today’s social climate may be positively affected by civility-oriented initiatives, and how the American-experience can be bolstered by the increase of community and political efforts. 

Mina Lee
Mina helps leaders address root causes for conditioned patterns in their lives for greater authenticity, clarity, and enjoyment.
Conference Recap
Dr. Richard Gillett
Dr. Gillett set out to find briefer and more effective methods of creating mental and emotional change.
Conference Recap
Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn
Tara is a trained facilitator of Civil Dialogue, used as a facilitation method.
Conference Recap
Rick Raddatz
Rick Raddatz is an Author and Founder of the Political Harmony Movement (
Conference Recap
Mayor Heidi Harmon
As Mayor, Heidi is committed to engaging the community to work together to implement creative housing solutions.
Conference Recap
Dune Lankard
Dune has an impassioned commitment to protecting Eyak culture, his ancestral lands and wild salmon way of life.
Conference Recap
Russ Charvonia
Russ is President of the Worldwide Civility Council, and introduced each speaker for each session of the event.
Conference Recap

2019 Civility Conference

In 2019, the Urgency of Civility held our first conference in Alexandria, VA and Washington D.C. Attendees had the opportunity to speak with elected officials. Experts from many related fields, organizations, and interested individuals gathered to discuss civility in the arenas of government, education, media, community, and the workplace.

The event was highlighted by an address from Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II, and recognition of Mrs. Virginia Forni and her late husband, Dr. P.M. Forni, of the Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative.

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